Buy Peptides ?


Be careful as many peptide products are not available and banned unless purchased for laboratory research. Purchase if you are a legitimate laboratory. Product has no known side effects however is not released to the general public as yet.


Currently there are only a handful of known reliable manufacturers of peptides in the world. There are also over 10 currently known SCAMS AND GROWING where peptides are promised and never delivered !


Some sources found to be reliable are reported to have delivered peptides into the gym and medical arenas, for research, for some time now and are reliable and safe. We cannot list these suppliers but can supply legitimate product as we have done so for many years now. Mail us.


Peptide checklist :


1.> If this company claims to produce the product and they are based anywhere other than America (as at end March 2011) . Don't buy it ! This can lead to quality issues or non delivery.


2.> Companies not accepting payment methods that protect the buyer (such as PayPal) and only accept Moneygram, Western Union etc. Avoid these as the chances are you will loose your money !


3.> Always stick to recommended dosages, to avoid illness in human patients or failure of research experiments in laboratory environment.